BfU will be assisting you regarding all environmental issues, including recording and preliminary assessment of relevant pollutants as well as completion of the remediation process. Here, we build on many years of experience in the exploration and remediation of contaminated land.

The investigation and evaluation of building fabric and contaminated land (soil, soil air, groundwater, surface water) is carried out according to our clients' guidelines, current tecnology and the applicable legal requirements.

As an accredited examination centre under German Environmental Law (§ 18 Bundes-Bodenschutzgesetz) we conduct all on-site investigations complying to highest quality stan-dards. All our staff are qualified and continuously trained experts.

Key Aspects regarding Contaminated Land

  • Historical research of areas of suspected contamination
  • Preliminary assessments, detailed assessments and remedial assessments
  • Surveys and remedial measures of soil, soil air and groundwater
  • Risk assessment of exposure pathways under the applicable law
  • Call for tenders for the assignment of construction work and waste disposal services (demolition, remediation)
  • Preservation of evidence and arranging for immediate action at scenes of an accident
  • Immission pumping tests for integral contaminant examinations
  • Evaluation of remedial measures with regard to improved effectiveness
  • Use of mobile groundwater treatment plants to clean contaminated groundwater