An experienced project management achieves the project targets in a reliable and financially optimal way, even when it comes to high volume or very complex exploration and remedial measures. Complex contaminated land projects make high demands on the entity required to remediate. Resource demand alone makes them difficult to meet.

Our service range comprises all basic services of project management.
  • Development of project procedure plans based on the initial data and in accordance with the client's aims as well as the remediation requirements
  • Management of the overall project in cooperation with the client
  • Shortcoming analysis and prompting necessary investigations
  • Keeping the client up to date on the project's progress and prompting client's decisions in due time
  • Approval planning and determination of remediation targets with the responsible agency
  • Implementation of the overall project by allocating parts of it to subcontractors
  • Call for tenders and contract management
  • Supervision of the construction and remediation measures by comparing actual and target values, approval of protocols, correspondence
  • Change order management
  • Quality, cost and deadline management, documentation and reporting
  • Compilation of project manuals for complex building projects
  • Document management, budget management, improvement of time scopes and economics