Reference projects

Following we have a choice of projects that BfU has accomplished worldwide in the last few years.
Clicking a project will each open a detailled project description.

Contaminated Land, Remediation, accidental spills

Deconstruction of petrol stations  ▪  Accidental spills  ▪  MTBE groundwater remediation  ▪  In situ remediation  ▪  hydraulic protection  ▪  Tar oil groundwater damage  ▪  Potential contaminated land  ▪  Heating oil groundwater remediationBTX groundwater damagePreliminary explorationSoil remediation source elimination  ▪  Preservation of evidence fuel depot  ▪  Remedial investigation fuel depot  ▪  Phthalate remediation wire factory site  ▪  Groundwater remediation  ▪  Ground-/ Phase remediation  ▪  Soil remediation  ▪   Soil remediation industrial site  ▪  Deconstruction fuel depot


Project Management and Waste- and Remediation Management

Construction of new petrol stationshydraulic protectionSupervisory services remediationBuilding demolition and -reconstruction  ▪  Building measures on roads and highways  ▪  Deconstruction of petrol station  ▪  Remedial investigation landfill site  ▪  Remediation barracks site  ▪  BTX groundwater damage  ▪  Source elimination  ▪  Deconstruction and gutting of a retirement home / mansion  ▪ Investigation for building contaminants  ▪  Terrain clearance / construction of pavilions  ▪  Terrain clearance industrial site  ▪  Remedial investigations  ▪  Pilot tests for remediating tar oil contaminations  ▪ Groundwater protection  ▪  Deconstruction of an industrial bakery  ▪  Soil remediation  ▪  Deepening of port basins


Land Recycling and Building Contaminants

Deconstruction of petrol stationsBuilding demolition and -reconstructionRemediation barracks siteDeconstruction / Gutting / Rebuild / ConstructionInvestigation for building contaminants  ▪  Investigation for building contaminants  ▪  Terrain clearance industrial sites  ▪  Demolition / new construction of a gymnasium  ▪  Asbestos remediation  ▪ Deconstruction of an industrial bakery  ▪  Soil remediation South port  ▪  Soil remediation industrial sites  ▪ Deconstruction and remediation of a fuel depot


Geology, Hydrogeology, Geotechnical engineering, Geothermics

Remediation tar oil groundwater damage  ▪  Remedial investigation landfill site  ▪  Economic comparative study  ▪  Usage of near-surface geothermal energy  ▪  Tracer test  ▪  Remedial investigation  ▪  Preservation of evidence of a fuel depot  ▪  Terrain Clearance  ▪  Usage of geothermal energy in groundwater  ▪  Groundwater Monitoring  ▪  Groundwater protection  ▪  Rewatering of sewage farms  ▪  Construction of furniture stores  ▪  Deepening of port basins  ▪  Deconstruction and remediation of a fuel depot