Run off protection / Remediation of a tar oil groundwater contamination

Kirchseeon, Germany
Period of execution
2005 - 2015
Project description

Operating a groundwater remediation plant for PAH and tar-contaminated
groundwater on a former railway sleeper production site. For this, a plant was built, which is designed to fit the cleaning requirements of tar.


In 8 years, about 20 tons of tar oil and further 3 tons of dissolved pollutants were removed, cleaning approximately 2.2 million m³ of groundwater.

Services provided by BfU
General contractor; Construction of the groundwater treatment plant, drilling of injection, conveyor and monitoring wells, pipe laying (some by subcontractors); Ongoing optimisation of the bioreactor (currently 90% biodegradation of dissolved PAHs); Hydrochemical and hydraulic monitoring, field tests, and microbiological degradation experiments; Design and installation of a semi-automatic system for tar-oil recovery from about 40 m below ground level at the bottom of the aquifer; Conducting pumping tests