Remedial investigation and remedial planning of a former fuel depot

Landshut, Germany
Period of execution
2008 - 2011
Project description
There was a significant groundwater pollution because of war damages and long term inappropriate Usage by multiple renters. In some areas there were phases of multiple centimeters. There was also a soil pollution in the unsaturated groundzones documented. An ex situ source elimination treatment was not possible because of a densely built-up area.

Services provided by BfU
  • Remedial investigation
  • Mapping of the floating phase
  • Pilot test of phase removal
  • Conducting pumping tests
  • Ascertaining hydraulic parameters and conducting hydrogeological calculations
  • Pilot tests with regard to an EMNA-procedure after removal of the floating phase
  • Development of legal approval planning
  • Creating bidding documents for construction works
  • Expert supervision and operation of the planned groundwater remediation