Usage of geothermal energy for heating and cooling purposes

Munich, Germany
Period of execution
2008 - 2010
Project description

Recommissioning of a geothermal energy plant for newly erected office buildings.

Because of high Costs for heating and cooling on this property of the new settled businesses, the usage of geothermal energy should be installed again

Services provided by BfU

Determination of the current state of the well system (pumping tests, infiltration tests etc.)

Recommendations for further actions (e.g. building new wells)

Planning and supervising boreholes for grain-size curve analysis

Geological mapping

Calculating permeability through pumping tests

Sampling for determining the geochemical composition of the groundwater

Data research (e.g. petrographic profiles, former operating data, historic groundwater levels) – also for compiling a groundwater model (by subcontractor) and creating a request regarding water right

Thermal calculations

Preparing tender offer documents for constructing new drainage wells

Recommendations for assignments

Long term pumping tests with thermal monitoring to determine the optimal operating environment